• Management

The administration of institution is based on the philosophy of promoting efficiency equity, and justice in the day to day operation of the institution. It is expected that well thought out method of administration will ensure success in the working of the institution.

There are two key senior positions in the Board. One is its chairman who presides over all executive body meetings and chairman has discretionary power in decision making. Policy decisions are taken in the executive meeting. The Hon. Secretary is concerned with carrying out the decisions taken in the meetings. He has to oversee day to day operations of the Sangha and also the other constituent institutions. Hon. Treasurer is concerned with financial operations in raising resources and spending much in accordance with the decisions taken in the executive body.

All the remaining members will actively participate in the decision making. They have right to give their opinion either for or against the decisions.

Board of Management:

Shri.D.R Patil (Ex.MLA)

Hon. Chairman

Shri.R.T, Jangal, Executive Engineer (Retd)



Hon. Secretary

Shri.Ravi Mulimani

Hon. Treasurer

College Local Governing Body:

Shri.G.B Goudappgol




Shri.S.B Sannagoudar

Secretary - Member