Rules and Regulations
Every student should adhere to the following rules and regulations:
  • All students should read daily the notices put on the notice boards of the college without fail.
  • They should necessarily attend all the classes every day. They should be present in their respective classes at the specified time.
  • They should not loiter unnecessarily in the campus of the college. Those misbehave with the staff and those who violate the rules and regulations will be severely punished.
  • The student should follow the prescribed dress code of the college.
  • Every student should wear his/her Identity card. Students will not be allowed enter the classes/college without the Identity cards.
  • Students should not indulge in any untoward activity either inside the campus or outside the college which will affect the general administration and discipline of the college.
  • Students are forbidden from writing, disfiguring or marking mark on walls, desks, furniture and property of the college.
  • No student is allowed to possess mobile, chewing of gutkha or pan, alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicants. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college.
  • There are no elections to any post of the secretary in the college. The class representatives will be nominated. The student’s council will be formed from the class representatives for smooth conduct of various activities.
  • The principal reserves the right to permit/reject to conduct any function by the students. Weeklong celebration of student activities is not permitted by the college. The students are not allowed to conduct any function inside/outside the college on their own will.
  • As per section 116 of Karnataka education act 1983, ragging of students is a punishable offence. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college, hostel and all other places.
  • Fees once paid shall not be refunded. All fees are forfeited on cancellation of admission.
  • The Principal reserves the right to reject his/her admission, rusticate if the candidate’s behaviour is found to be objectionable.
  • In all matters, the decision of the Principal is final and binding.